Notice to Members

1Notice of the 40th Annual General Meeting to the ShareholdersAGM-40th
2Notice of the 41St Annual General Meeting to the ShareholdersAGM-41st
3Notice of the 42nd Annual General Meeting to the ShareholdersAGM-42nd
4Notice of the 43rd Annual General Meeting to the Shareholders AGM-43rd

Public Announcements

1Public Notice of the 41st Annual General MeetingPublicNotice-41stAGM
241st AGM Scrutinizer ReportScrutinizerReport-41stAGM
3Outcome Of Board Meeting Held On 29.01.2016 - Regulation 30 SEBI (LODR) Regulation 2015)PublicNotice-WOSRegulation
4Public Notice of the 42nd Annual General MeetingPublicNotice-42ndAGM
542nd AGM Scrutinizer ReportScrutinizerReport-42ndAGM
6Postal Ballot Notice dated 12.07.2017Postal Ballot Notice
8Newspaper cutting for AGM notice and IEPFNewspaper Intimation BSE - 01.09.2017
943rd AGM Scrutinizer ReportResult of AGM - 25.09.2017
10Newspaper notice regarding transfer of shares to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority BSE - APM - IEPF
11Public Notice of the 43rd Annual General Meeting Public Notice of the 43rd Annual General Meeting
12Postal Ballot Notice dated 26.02.2019Postal Ballot Notice
13Submission of Consolidated report of scrutinizer for Postal ballot in terms of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 Consolidated scrutinizer report-e voting
14Notice of Closure of Trading WindowNotice of Closure of Trading Window - Scrip code 523537.pdf1


A/c NoNature of
Dividend & Year
Approved Date by AGMApproved Date by BMDate of Issue of DividendDate Of
Deposit in IEPF
45520000279Final Divended : 2010-1110/09/2011-14/09/201114/09/2018666973.80Final-Dividend-2010-11
45520000333Final Divended : 2011-1215/09/2012-19/09/201219/09/2019535095.00Final-Dividend-2011-12
45520000362Interim Dividend : 2012-13-12/11/201222/11/201222/11/2019566222.20Int-Dividend-2012-13
45520000381Final Dividend : 2012-1313/07/2013-17/07/201317/07/2020860455.00Final-Dividend-2012-13
45520000414Interim Dividend : 2013-14-08/11/201318/11/201318/11/2020850450.00Int-Dividend-2013-14
45520000432Final Dividend : 2013-1425/09/2014-29/09/201429/09/2021902171.00Final-Dividend-2013-14
45520000453Interim Dividend : 2014-15-07/11/201421/11/201421/11/2021945860.00Int-Dividend-2014-15
45520000459Second Interim Dividend : 2014-15-08/04/201522/04/201522/04/20221597042.90Second-Int-Dividend-2014-15
45520000487Interim Dividend : 2015-16-06/11/201521/11/201521/11/20221417383.50int-Dividend-2015-16
45520000488Second Interim Dividend : 2015-16-11/03/201629/03/201629/03/20231938654.00Second-Int-Dividend-2015-16
01530000511Interim Dividend : 2016-17-11/11/201628/11/201628/11/20231529172.00Int-Dividend-2016-17
01530000518Final Dividend : 2016-1725/09/2017-06/10/201706/10/2024564294.50Final-Dividend-2016-17

Corporate Governance Report

1Quarter Ended - 31/12/2014CGR-31122014
2Quarter Ended - 31/03/2015CGR-31032015
3Quarter Ended - 30/06/2015CGR-30062015
4Quarter Ended - 30/09/2015CGR-30092015
5Quarter Ended - 31/12/2015CGR-31122015
6Quarter Ended - 31/03/2016CGR-31032016
7Quarter Ended - 30/06/2016CGR-30062016
8Quarter Ended - 30/09/2016CGR-30092016
9Quarter Ended - 31/12/2016CGR-31122016
10Quarter Ended - 31/03/2017CGR-31032017
11Quarter Ended - 30/06/2017CGR-30062017
12Quarter Ended - 30/09/2017CGR-30092017
13Quarter Ended - 31/12/2017CGR-31122017
14Quarter Ended - 31/03/2018CGR-31032018
15Quarter Ended -30/06/2018CGR-30062018
16Quarter Ended- 30/09/2018CGR-30092018
17Quarter Ended- 31/12/2018CGR-31122018
18Quarter ended-31/03/2019CGR-31032019

Shareholding Pattern

1Quarter Ended - 31/12/2014SHP-31122014
2Quarter Ended - 31/03/2015SHP-31032015
3Quarter Ended - 30/06/2015SHP-30062015
4Quarter Ended - 30/09/2015SHP-30092015
5Quarter Ended - 31/12/2015SHP-31122015
6Quarter Ended - 31/03/2016SHP-31032016
7Quarter Ended - 30/06/2016SHP-30062016
8Quarter Ended - 30/09/2016SHP-30092016
9Quarter Ended - 31/12/2016SHP-31122016
10Quarter Ended - 31/03/2017SHP-31032017
11Quarter Ended - 31/06/2017SHP-30062017
12Quarter Ended - 31/09/2017SHP-30092017
13Quarter Ended - 31/12/2017SHP-31122017
14Quarter Ended - 31/03/2018SHP-31032018
15Quarter Ended 30/06/2018SHP- 30062018
16Quarter Ended 30/09/2018SHP -30092018
17Quarter Ended 31/12/2018SHP -31122018
18Quarter Ended 31/03/2019 SHP-31032019

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit

1Secretarial Audit Reports - 31/03/2015SAR-31032015
2Secretarial Audit Reports - 30/06/2015SAR-30062015
3Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/09/2015SAR-30092015
4Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/12/2015SAR-31122015
5Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/03/2016SAR-31032016
6Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/06/2016SAR-30062016
7Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/09/2016RSA-30092016
8Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/12/2016RSA-31122016
9Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/03/2017RSA-31032017
10Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/06/2017RSA-30062017
11Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/09/2017RSA-30092017
12Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/12/2017RSA-31122017
13Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/03/2018RSA-31032018
14Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/06/2018RSA30062018
15Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 30/09/2018 RSA30092018
16Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/12/2018 RSA31122018
17Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit - 31/03/2019 RSA31032019



1Policy - Corporate Social ResponsibilityPolicy-CSR
2Policy - Prevention of Sexual HarassmentPolicy-PSH
3Policy - Risk ManagementPolicy-RM
4Policy - Determining Materiality Of EventsPolicy-DME
5Policy - Preservation And ArchivalPolicy-POD
6Policy - determining material subsidiaryPolicy-DMS
7Policy - Nomination and RemunerationPolicy-NRC
8Policy - Related Party TransactionPolicy-RPT
9Policy - Whistle Blower/Vigil MechanismPolicy-WBM
10Policy-Remuneration criteria NEDsRemuneration Criteria NEDs