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Machinery Details
SlNoDepartmentSpecification of Machines.
1Blow RoomTrumac with Lap Feed And Chute Feed
2CardingC1/3 without autoleveller, LMW,LC-300 A/V3 with Autolevellers
3Draw FramesRSB - 851, with Autoleveller, D0/6
4SimplexLF 1660A, Texmaco RME
5Ring FrameLMW LR-6/S, Texmaco RY-5
6Auto WindingSavio Espero L, ORION L Auto-doffing
7Cheese WindingTextool
8TFOVijay LakshmiVJ-150HS, VJ-120M
9DyeingHT/HP Dalal, Computerised Color Matching System.
10PackingBags, Cartons
11SQCPT 7000 Priemer To test hairiness suitable for Knitting Yarns. Uster Tester -3 To check Yarns imperfections

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